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Back to School!

Well I’m back to school. Unfortunatly our class isn’t  doing edublogs so I won’t be making as much posts. I hope Ms. Smiths class is having a good time starting to blog. I have a tiny bit of advice for them… Have fun with blogs. You are privalaged to have one. Most teachers wouldn’t let you have YOUR OWN blog. SO. Hope that you have a great year. I know I will.


~ by Michael T. on September 8, 2009 .

7 Responses to “Back to School!”

  1.   Jan Smith Says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by! As you can tell we are just getting going. I hope you figure out the comment thing–if not, reach me on student webmail. Glad to hear you are doing well and keeping up with your blog.

  2.   Payton Says:

    Hi I am from Ms.Smiths new class and I am new to this whole blogging thing…
    I really like your blog because it has lots of cool stuff and pictures I also like your blog because you are very frendly and have lots of posts…


  3.   Easton Says:

    Hi, Micheal my name is Easton. I am very excited about working and commenting on blogs. I like to write alot so this should be fun! I like to write about my life as well

  4.   Mason Says:

    I am in Ms Smith’s new class and I think bloging is going to be really cool and fun! I hope once I have a Blog you will look at it!

  5.   Matteo Says:

    Hi I am in Ms. Smiths class. Thanks for the advice.

  6.   Miss W. Says:

    G’day Michael,
    Thought I would drop by and see how the new school is going? Are any of your friends from Mrs Smith’s class with you again this year? I see that Daniel is in Mrs Braidwood’s class and is still blogging with her.

  7.   Easton Says:

    HI Michael! I love to write , and I feel bad for because your not doing blogging in you class this year, but you will get some good ideas and make new friends and then write post about them. My favorite thing to write about is probley my life you now, it can be very very crazy, fun, you name it! Our class is very fun in Ms. smiths class, we have named our smart board steve and the computer is called THE BRAIN! It is very fun this year, and I am a better blogger and writer, because if you look at the comment I sent you at the begening of the year you can see I have enproved!
    Well any way I should wrap this comment up, thanks you for the advise!

    Easton :)

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