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Myers-briggs test results

The myers-briggs test is a test to see what more kind of a person you are.. are you an introvert? extrovert? are you visual or are you physical? And many more interesting traits that somone can have. I have recently taken this test and want to show you all what my outcomes are! enjoy!

Intuitive: 50



Perceiving: 56


Review: I personally think that this test was quite accurate. Im not really one for thinking, planning and organization. Im more one who kinda just goes for it, takes a shot in the dark. But dont get me wrong, Im very good at precieving things, such as strategies for sticky situations and quick to think but hard to do things. thats why Im very precieving, and that kinda explains the very intuative side of me. I think of the big picture not small details I just go with things that feel right and do things because I think its right even without conscious reasoning. Im intraverted but can be extraverted at times, due to my very split personality. Feeling is my strongest trait and I am very emotionally driven not mentally driven.

Signed: Michael

~ by Michael T. on October 4, 2011 .

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  1.   mrscorman Says:

    I appreciate you sharing your results; however, I also wanted you to include a reflection. What did you think of your results? Did you agree? Any specific details or descriptors that you felt applied to you?

  2.   mrscorman Says:

    Much better!

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