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Brain Based Learning.

Similar to my MI test I like lots of freedom, movment and creativity. Which in other words, I am right brained. The traits of a right brained person are more sensative and more aware of emotions, stories, images, as opposed to facts, sciences, rules ;). From what I explained in MI test I am VERY kinestetic. Which means I’ll get bored in long lectures/tests and have small patience for complex intructions. I am more on the dreamy side as in I improvise movies or books but never really follow through and make a whole movie or book. This is also similar to my Myers Briggs test. Proceding… Have very strong instincts and go with my feelings rather than rules and way of order. I am more based off of experiance more than scientific proof. I can usually tell if somones happy down or just plain lying. I can read friends as well as I can read aquaintences. Body language and everything.

Signed: Michael.

~ by Michael T. on October 10, 2011 .

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  1.   mrscorman Says:

    Insightful. When we start to work on our group projects, you will be a valuable asset in generating ideas. We’ll just need to see that the group also includes a task keeper.

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