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Recently in Da vinci class we did a project called the inquiry question. Many people chose things of health… many people chose supernatural subjects. Well i chose zombies… Yes living dead, flesh eating zombies! Some people made power points and some people made prezi presentations. Well since I write quite often I made in story form. So my inquiry question was… How do you survive a zombie Apocalypse? According to ‘The complete Zombie Survival guide’ it says improbable? yes… impossible? No. But according to a very realistic (in survival ways) game called Project Zomboid it is straight up… impossible. But really think about it. Zombies don’t feel pain? they don’t feel sympathy. They have all the same physical traits as humans but have no personality or being to themselves… Anyways, My answer to my inquiry question is , there is pretty much no possible way to survive a zombie apocolypes unless your one lucky sunofagun. Thank you for reading my post and i will soon be posting up the story itself!

Signed: Michael Taylor

~ by Michael T. on January 14, 2012 .

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