Ted talks reflection #2

I just watched and am reviewing a ted talks subject made by Tom Chatfield and his 7 ways that video games are good for the brain. This subject intrigued me because I personally play a lot of video games and have a great passion for them. No I did not watch it so i could make an excuse to my parents so I can play more video games. I chose it because I want to learn more about the thing that I do so much…. game.


Mr. Chatfield went into a long explanation of the birth of the idea for a stimulation factor to video games. He went into the reward system and how that when in a video game if you get a reward that stimulates your liking for that game and of which motivates you to go further. He said this was important to know because video games trigger a courage outlet that makes it so it can actually change the way you over come Real life situations. The cool thing about this subject is that the evolution part of us was the thing that kept us going all these years. When we were just apes we brought up ideas of, tools, fire and many other things. Finally we got the tools which made our motivation boost, leading us forward into technology. What video games do is takes that evolution success and reenact it into a different subject. Such as, say you make a game where you need to get 5 shards to a key. And to get to these keys you have to fight little monsters that try to kill you. And on the way you collect experience orbs  that make your avatar/character more powerful to beat more powerful enemies. You get these items and it makes you feel a feeling of accomplishment, which then activates that evolutionary feeling of success. I personally thought (know a lot about how video games work) That this is very true. Say I manage to get over 10000 dollars in a video game and i get a little achievement down in my screen. I feel a sense in my stomach that motivates me to get 1000000 dollars! That feeling in my stomach is a sign of achievement and an activation of that evolutionary trigger in the brain.

In conclusion he talked about how playing with piers helps this feeling in how video games stimulate the brain. As an example. A game i play the most called Minecraft is a Very VERY fun game. I played it on my own in what they call single player  for a very long time which was incredibly fun. But then i started getting interested in the multiplayer. I joined my friends in a online server of the game and started playing. Now you may ask why this is important? This is actually very important. Say me and my friends are fighting off a very powerful player with a lot of stuff on him. We kill him and get all his stuff. Now we see this as currency. I say Hey ill trade you some gold for his armor. We barter then I eventually don’t get it or do get it. If i get it I get that feeling of success and am motivated to go fight more people to get more stuff. loss or no loss. But say he doesn’t want to sell it. That motivates me to either take the dirty road (assassinate him and take it) or continue to find another person to get the same stuff from. So I am very glad i chose this subject because i have learned a lot about the thing that i love so much, and i think that if Tom Chatfield looks into it more he can find much more ways that video games help stimulate the brain in different ways.

Ted Talks reflection #1

I just watched and am reviewing a ted talks subject made by Klaus Stadlmann, about the making and the working of the worlds smallest 3d printer. I personally chose this subject because I thought it looked cool and I wanted to learn more about it. A question I asked did it  make 3d living things or did it make little toys that were 3D.


Mr. Stadlmann went into deep explanation about how he had been in university and how he had a laser printer. He eventually walked into the class and found his printer had part of the laser broken. So he ordered for the new piece and at that had a week to think. Should he write his science papers? No he said. Should he write his PHD papers? No, he thought that was boring. So after a week he just decided… Ill build the worlds smallest 3D printer. I thought that this was pretty cool at how he just randomly thought to build a 3D printer and I thought, maybe it could make little sculptures of buildings and things like that, and I turned out right! It could make little nets, buildings and many more objects.


He said this invention was important because it could help make things that are small and hard to build be easy to build and make them with extreme detail. For an example the amount of detail is that he could make details the size of human hair. He could make SCULPTURES with human hair! and personally I think that, that is pretty amazing. To be able to make the London bridge, the size of your hair strand!


Klaus Stadlmann was just an ordinary university student who was a shy, geeky, and somewhat humorous man. He talked with a strong German accent but talked powerfully about the subject that he loved so dearly. He had a convincing look to him that made you feel that maybe his dream and his reality will soon become a world for others to experience which leads me to the conclusion.

To think of the possibilities that could be made with this. one day these printers will be capable of building whole buildings. Wholes street blocks! Vehicles! He has already had a patient of which needed a hearing aid, and would need to wait for about 5 days! Well with his technology he can take the persons ear. Scan it, then take it to the printer and make this new hearing aid shell, then simply… print it! Mr. Stadlmann will for sure go far with his works and will print a new world for us one day!


Recently in Da vinci class we did a project called the inquiry question. Many people chose things of health… many people chose supernatural subjects. Well i chose zombies… Yes living dead, flesh eating zombies! Some people made power points and some people made prezi presentations. Well since I write quite often I made in story form. So my inquiry question was… How do you survive a zombie Apocalypse? According to ‘The complete Zombie Survival guide’ it says improbable? yes… impossible? No. But according to a very realistic (in survival ways) game called Project Zomboid it is straight up… impossible. But really think about it. Zombies don’t feel pain? they don’t feel sympathy. They have all the same physical traits as humans but have no personality or being to themselves… Anyways, My answer to my inquiry question is , there is pretty much no possible way to survive a zombie apocolypes unless your one lucky sunofagun. Thank you for reading my post and i will soon be posting up the story itself!

Signed: Michael Taylor

Learning styles

My learning styles are kinesthetic and visual. Kinesthetic because I learn best by doing and being able to move instead of sitting still in a lecture or watching someone else demonstrate. I’m discovery learner based, I don’t like to just take someone’s word for it. I often need to multi task like listen to music while I work. also due to my kinesthetic Style I’m good at hand eye coordination and have very quick reflexes. My second was visual, which means I learn better through  pictures (espectially moving ones) , images and movies. I can easily visualize images and objects and enjoy doodling and scetching ocationally.

Brain Based Learning.

Similar to my MI test I like lots of freedom, movment and creativity. Which in other words, I am right brained. The traits of a right brained person are more sensative and more aware of emotions, stories, images, as opposed to facts, sciences, rules ;). From what I explained in MI test I am VERY kinestetic. Which means I’ll get bored in long lectures/tests and have small patience for complex intructions. I am more on the dreamy side as in I improvise movies or books but never really follow through and make a whole movie or book. This is also similar to my Myers Briggs test. Proceding… Have very strong instincts and go with my feelings rather than rules and way of order. I am more based off of experiance more than scientific proof. I can usually tell if somones happy down or just plain lying. I can read friends as well as I can read aquaintences. Body language and everything.

Signed: Michael.

MI test!

Hey guys! doing another test on Personality and intellegences! This ones called the multiple intellegence test! where it tests you on how your smart not how smart are you! It involves questions asking what you do in your spare time and what kind of personality you have! Here are my results…

I am extreamly music smart.

Extreamly interpersonal.

Very intrapersonal.

Very visual (picture smart.

Very kinestetic.

Quite Linguistic (word smart)

Not so much Naturalistic (nature smart)

And not really logical. ( Im more a of a improviser)

 Review: Lets start from top to bottom. All my friends and people I know can tell you that I can play the piano very good and that I am very talented in music and fine arts. Therefor making me music smart. Friends and family and myself can say that I am very interpersonal which means Im very good with other people and helping other people, such as empathetic and sensitive to others emotions. As well as being very interpersonal I can also be very Intrapersonal which are kind of opposites. Interpersonal is good at knowing others and supporting others, and intrapersonal is knowing yourself and being aware of your emotions. I myself know that I am visual in many ways. It is hard for me to work without pictures in my mind of whats going on, what Im looking at, and how I can solve this. I need some sort of visual aspect to a question or I have a hard time working on it. Now ms corman you know this just as much as my other teacers do. I. am. kinestetic. very…. I cannot stop moving, I get distracted easy, and am very sensative to my surroundings. I work actively better than I work sitting down for long lectures and long tests. I personally know I am linguistic. As you can see in lots of my posts I love to write. Poetry, books, movies, all that stuff. It is like visual. I write and I see what I am writing in my head. I write a book and as I write I cant keep up with my fingers as the movie rolles on in my head. Naturalistic is my love for the outside not my involvment in nature. I love trees and birds and animals all together but I dont exactly go out much to see all this and expeariance it. All the same I do go out and see it as an every day thing. And once again my friends and family can comfirm that… im not that logical. I am one for winging it and one for improvisation. Im never orginized in what I do I just do it. If im writing a book. I sit and think of a title. I get the title then just write. I never plan plots or problems or solutions I just go with what comes out therefor not really being that logical.

Signed: Michael

Myers-briggs test results

The myers-briggs test is a test to see what more kind of a person you are.. are you an introvert? extrovert? are you visual or are you physical? And many more interesting traits that somone can have. I have recently taken this test and want to show you all what my outcomes are! enjoy!

Intuitive: 50



Perceiving: 56


Review: I personally think that this test was quite accurate. Im not really one for thinking, planning and organization. Im more one who kinda just goes for it, takes a shot in the dark. But dont get me wrong, Im very good at precieving things, such as strategies for sticky situations and quick to think but hard to do things. thats why Im very precieving, and that kinda explains the very intuative side of me. I think of the big picture not small details I just go with things that feel right and do things because I think its right even without conscious reasoning. Im intraverted but can be extraverted at times, due to my very split personality. Feeling is my strongest trait and I am very emotionally driven not mentally driven.

Signed: Michael

Getting To Know Me

Some MORE interesting facts about me. (More of an update from the last one…) Words That describe me



 Focused (for you mrs corman 😉







 My favourite books and stories are…

 The Thief king

 Kingdom of Deltora

 Tales of Deltora

 Things I like to Do with Mah friends…



Game some more

 Go outside and go to the co op or somthing…

Have random sleep overs


And game more

 Things I like to Do with family

 Eat dinner

 Watch movies

 Im Good at…




 Stand up base


 Video games

 Im good with computers (fixing)

 being a friend (I think 😉

 hopes and Dreams…

I hope im a famous actor

 A computer tech

 A sucessfull person in genaral!

 The easiest ways to show what i know are…

 Verbaly telling you…

 Showing You an example or showing you personnaly what I can do.

 (example If I want to show you my piano talent ill play you a song)

One thing i’d like to get better at school this year is…FOCUSS!!!!


shhh my greatest fear is… death of a loved one… :'(


Hey guys im back! My teacher in grade 9 has finnaly got the idea to bring back blogs so I get to use my old blog! Im going to be doing blogs starting from scrach all the way back to who I am what I like and do and who I wanna be! So get ready cause im back!

Signed: ~Masterpiece~/ Michael Taylor!


hey whats happening everyone. i hanvt writen a bloggy post in a really really really really and possibally with a chance of REALLY long time but i want you to know that i am still on here and that im still sttiring around with poems in ma head so leave a comment if you want ive just been really really busy with HIGHSCHOOL (notice how i totaly didnt make HIGHSCHOOl in capital letters….) and all that jazz. SThank you very much and have a great day

Signed:Michael Taylor or… ~masterpiece~



Sorry this sorry that


Sorry Mom I lost your hat


Sorry Mister I didn’t mean to scare your cat!


Sorry but I really need that bat.



How rediculas

that one word can mean a whole persons relationship

It’s just a word


It’s just a word



No one else just


I am the only one of


I see what I see and what I see is


There is no one like.


I am me

and no one can change that…








to the bottom of the earth…


in an endless pit….











I see a light


it’s shining so bright!


it’s coming closer…


I’m not falling…

i hear a voice…

Come home it says…. come home.


this is a type of poetry called shape poetry and your suppost to make it form some sort of shape… i didn’t perticularly form  shape but I did make the word format alot diferent so…. ya!


Signed: ~Masterpiece~

One Girl…

I was looking through my comments the other day and I came across a good old blogging buddy Named Sarah… I read her comment and smiled at the fact that she’s nice and compassionate person… So I decided to go look at her blog, and I had a big epiphany… People like her will one day change the world! She has written amazing stuff, she has looked at the small things of something like teasing to physically hurting people and made them a local crisis… But when I looked at it, everything she said was true… she wasn’t over exaggerating at all. She spoke the pure truth. I got more and more interested in her blog and I literally read every single one of her posts and I just froze in amazement! I realized that one person… One girl named Sarah… could save the social part of this world! that is only if people support her. and yes I know lots of people do like I do but still! Every comment counts! Go see her blog and see for yourself… you’ll be surprised, But! Only if you look at it in a non-sarcastic way like I know that people do… If you read every last word as if it is the last word your reading. Support her efforts and words.

Here’s her blog: http://sarahf09.edublogs.org/

Blank, Nothingness


A word that means nothing…

but is something used so much…


Not white not black…

Just blank…

Not blurry not fuzzy…


Like an empty sheet of paper…


I look forward…

And all I see is blank…

What do you see?

The Winter Winds.

When the winter Winds Blow…

It’s not rain it’s snow…

When the winter winds whirl…

We spin and we twirl

When the Winter winds blow…

All of Santa’s reindeer go…

When the Winter winds Spin…

We feel the cold on our skin…

When we sit by the tree…

We all fill with Glee


Hope u liked my poem! 😀



A thing found in so many different shapes and forms


You can see it everywhere


Just like like the wind against hair


It’s a sight of peace.


It’s in everyone.


I don’t know why I wrote this poem it just kinda popped up in my head… teehee…lol anyways.  What I say is true. It may sound really messed up to most guy’s but they’re just tryin to act tough… lol i just try to express myself. I may sound a bit like a sweet guy who would walk up to some random person and say “you want some roses?” with an all ssssweet voice and pronounceshis s really egsaturated I’m just an ordanary guy who likes to write… and act… and video game… and… Sorry… got a bit carried away there… anyways… hope you like my poem!


Signed by:Michael T.!


Back to School!

Well I’m back to school. Unfortunatly our class isn’t  doing edublogs so I won’t be making as much posts. I hope Ms. Smiths class is having a good time starting to blog. I have a tiny bit of advice for them… Have fun with blogs. You are privalaged to have one. Most teachers wouldn’t let you have YOUR OWN blog. SO. Hope that you have a great year. I know I will.


When Someone Dies

When Someone dies

lots of truth becomes lies

When someone Dies

The Undertaker closes thier eyes.

When someone dies

Their spirits rise.

When someone dies

Their body tries and tries

But when they Die…

People Cry.

This was Deticated to my great Grandma Nelly. I was 5 when she died and It was one of the first times I saw her…

R.I.P Nelly